Team: H.P. Nachtnebel: Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
O. Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Hans-Peter NACHTNEBEL

Vienna, 27th October 2000

Personal Resume:

Name: Hans-Peter NACHTNEBEL

Birth: 1st July 1943 in Vienna,

Parents: Johann und Herta Nachtnebel (maiden name Straka)

Nationality: Austria

Marital Status: married, two children

Scientific Education and Career:

1961-1968 Studies in technical physics at the Technical University Vienna.

1969 Graduation (Dipl.Ing.) at the Technical University

1970-1972 Collaboration in a research group for "Alternative Energy Generation and Conversion", Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna

1972- Assistent Professor at the Institute for Water Management, University of Agriculture, Vienna.

1978 Promotion in Technical Sciences Technical University Vienna.

1986 Habilitation at the University of Agriculture Vienna, specialized in hydrology and water management.

1988 Assoc. Professor and head of the division of hydrology and water resources systems

Sabattical Leave: Laboratoir geologie appliquee, Univ. Paris VI; Ecole des Mines, Paris & Fontainbleau; Water Sceicne Div. UNESCO, Paris

1993 Full Professor and Head of the Institute

Main Fields of Interests:

  • eco-hydrological modelling and management
  • water resources systems and risk analysis
  • stochastic hydrology
  • multi-objective decision making
  • geographical information systems and their application in water resources management
  • impact of climate change on water resources
Membership of Professional Societies:

1970- Austrian Physical Society

1981- American Geophysical Union

1985- Austrian Committee of the International Research Association for the Danube

1985- Member of the ecological advisory committee of the Austrian federal government

1985- EURO-working group on multiple criteria decision support

1988- Austrian National correspondent for the IAHS groundwater commission

1989 Member of International Association for Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)

1990 Member of International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR)

1990- Member of the American Water Resources Association

1992- Member of the Austrian UNESCO commission at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Editorial board of scientific journals:

1986-1988 Conseil scientifique pour la revue scientifique de l'eau. Quebec, Canada.

1990- Journal of Stochastic Hydraulics and Hydrology, Springer Vlg.

1997- Journal of Hydrology, Elsevier.

International collaboration and experiences:

1977-1979 Cooperation with Nepalese engineers: Hydrological investigations for the design of small scale hydro power scheme.

1980-1984 Participation at IIASA (International Institute of Applied Sciences)activities related to the water and environmental program.p> 1981- Cooperation with UNIDO in organizing the" Symposium on Project Design and Installation of Small Hydropower Plants" which was held in Vienna in July 81.

1981-1985 Collaboration with Hungarian scientists (Dr. I. Bogardi, Dr.A. Bardossy, Dr. A. Schmieder, Prof.L. Szidarovszky) within the "Scientific and Technical Agreement between Austria and Hungary". Subject: Application of the Bayes decision theory to water management and design problems.

1983-1984 Contribution to a DFG-project (Deutsche Forschungs-Gemeinschaft) concerning the application of Kalman filters in hydrology.

1983-1985 Contribution to IIASA`s "Regional Water Policies Program".

1983-1986 Informal cooperation with Prof.L. Duckstein (Dept. of Systems and Ind. Engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson). Subject: Multi-criteria Decision Making in Water Resource Systems.

1986-1987 Consultant of OECD, Paris.

1986- Member of the European Working Group on Multiple Criteria Decision Making.

1987-1990 Collaboration with Univ. of Nebraska, Univ. of Arizona, funded by the National Science Foundation and Austrian Research fund. Subject: Risk in multi-criterion decision making.

1988-1989 Member of the IIASA Advisory Panel: Large International Rivers, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.

1990-1991 Member of the IAHR (International Association of Hydraulic Research) working group for "Matching ecology and hydraulics".

1991 Principal Convenor of the IAHS-symposium "Hydrological Basis for Ecologically Sound Management of Soil and Groundwater", Vienna, Austria.

1991-1992 Chairman of the IAHS-ICGW-UNESCO working group for UNESCO project M.3-1.

1991- Member of the UNESCO working group and editorial board for the "Application of Decision Support Techniques in Water Resources".

1991-1993 Principal Convenor of the "International Symposium on the Application of Geographical Information Systems in Hydrology and Water Resources", held in Vienna, Austria, April, 1993.

1991-1995 Member of an EC-expert group for the Gabcikovo hydropower scheme (Slovakia). Phare project /EC/WAT/1.

1991-1992 Sabbatical semester in Paris (Ecole des mines, Fountainebleau; Universite Paris VI).

1992 Consultant of UNESCO, Water Science Division, Paris, France.

1992-1995 Member of the UNESCO preparatory group for IHP-V (5. International Hydrological Program for 1995-2001), UNESCO, Paris.

1992-1994 Member in Scientific Committees for International Conferences:
GQM93: Groundwater Quality Modelling, Tallinn, Estonia, Sept. 1993
Int. Conf. on Stochastic Hydrology and Environmental Engineering, Waterloo, Canada, June, 1993
Int. Symposium on the Interface Zone between Surface and Groundwater Systems, Lyon, France, Sept. 1993
Int. Conference on Future Groundwater Resources under Risk, Helsinki, 94
Int. Symposium on Water Resources Planning in a Changing World, Karlsruhe, Germany, 94

1992-1994 Member of the International Working Group for the "Classification of Surface Water Systems", UNESCO, Paris.

1993-1995 Member of the PCU-Drafting Group for the Danube Strategic Action Plan.

1993- Member of the IUCN Wetland expert group.

1994-1996 Principal Convenor of the "International Symposium on the Application of GIS in Hydrology and Water Resources", Vienna, Austria.

1996- Chairman of the IAHR Section on Water Resources Management.

Research Activities:

1974-1976 River basin planning for a catchment in Upper Austria. Under the contract of the Austrian Ministery of Agriculture.

1976-1977 Small scale hydropower development project for Nepal

1978- March, April. Field studies in Nepal with respect to hydropower development.

1978-1981 Application of remote sensing techniques to estimate the snow cover in Austrian river basins.

1980-1984 Project leader in "Applied groundwater modeling"; under contract of Austrian Authorities.

1984-1985 Project leader in "River basin development under economic and ecologic objectives, case study Pielach"; under contract of Lower Austrian Authorities.

1984-1986 Leader of the hydrology and water management group for "Environmental System Analysis of Runoff River Schemes at the Danube". Interdisciplinary research program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Austrian Contribution to the Man and Biosphere Program of UNESCO.

1986-1989 Scientific coordination of the research program "Environmental Systems Analysis of Runoff River Schemes at the Danube on behalf of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Austrian Contribution to the Man and Biosphere Program of UNESCO.

1987-1989 Regional evaporation and groundwater recharge. Under contract of Austrian Academy of Sciences within the IHP program.

1987-1989 Transport of solutes and pollutants in alluvial aquifers. Under contract of the Austrian Academy of Sciences within the IHP program.

1988-1991 Multicriterion decision making under risk (National Science Foundation, USA and Austrian Research Council)

1989-1990 Interdisciplinary study Danube. Under contract of the Austrian Water Management Association.

1988-1992 Development of a decision support system for the eastern section of the Austrian Danube. Under contract of the Ministry of Agriculture.

1990-1994 Protection of alluvial aquifers. Interdisciplinary study under contract of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research

1989-1991 Possible impacts of global climatic change on the Austrian water balance. Under contract of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research.

1989-1991 Initial phase of the Austrian ecotone project. Under contract of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

1989-1992 Geomorphological unit hydrographs for small Austrian catchments. Under contract of Austrian Academy of Sciences within the IHP program.

1989-1993 Realtime forecasting of the discharge in an alpine catchment. Under contract of the hydropower company for the utilization of the Enns river, Austria.

1990-1991 Environmental impact study for the hydropower scheme Freudenau/ Danube; Austria. Under contract of the Austrian Supreme Water Law Authority, Ministry of Agriculture.

1990-1992 Measurement of suspended sediments and modeling of sedimentation in reservoirs along the Danube. Under contract of the Austrian Electricity Supply Agency.

1991-1993 Hydrological Impacts on Oak forest stands. Under contract of Research Initiative Forest Die Back.

1991-1992 Remote sensing techniques for discharge measurements. Under contract of the Danube Hydropower Company.

1991-1992 Restauration program for the river Drau, Carinthia, Austria. Under contract of the provincial Carinthian government and the Austrian ministry of agriculture and forestry.

1993-1995 Sedimentation and Morphology in a Manmade River; the Marchfeld Channel Case Study. Under contract of the Austrian Research Council.

1993- Sediment Transport and Management in the river Danube. Under contract of the Verbund Forschung.

1993-1996 Sustainable Management of Water Resources. Under contract of the Austrian National Bank.

1993-1996 Hydrological Analysis of the river Leitha. Under contract of the State Government of Lower Austria.

1995- Digital Visual Landscape Inventory along the Danube between Vienna and Budapest (in collaboration with Univ. Gödöllö).

1996- Groundwater and Solute Transport Model for the Alte Donau. Under Contract of the State Government of the City Vienna.

1996 Contribution to the River Danube Alarm Model ( in collaboration with VITUKI Budapest).

1996- Prefeasibility Study for the Leitbild Development of the Lower River Mur. Under contract of the State of Styria and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

1996- Impacts of Climate Change on River Basin Hydrology under different Climatic Conditions (ENV4-CT95-0133; CCHYDRO) funded by the 4th European Environmental Programme (in collaboration with Italian, German and Greek partners).

1997 Social Perception of Water Use in a Human Impacted Environment. Under Contract of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research.

Teaching duties:

  • Hydrologic models and their application
  • Integrated water resources planning and development
  • Hydrology
  • Water Management
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Development aid and policies (contributions with respect to rural development policies) Techn. University Vienna.
  • Environmentally Sound Water Management. Internat. Course within the European Communities (EC) Tempus program.
  • Groundwater Modeling (Mining University Leoben)
  • Lecturer at several NATO Advanced Study Institutes.
  • Contributions to many Short courses in the Framework of Tempus
Supervision of MSc and PhD Thesis:

About 50 Masters degree students.

PhD. students:

Dr. J. Fürst: Decision Support Systems and GIS for Groundwater management(1992)

Dr. W. Summer: Sediment Transport in the Danube (1992)

Dr. H. Holzmann: Modelling and Regionalisation of Groundwater Recharge (1994)

Dipl.Ing. H. Habersack: Interaction between River Engineering Works and Sediment Transport in an Alpine River Basin (1997)

Dipl.Ing. H. Skasik: The History of the Danube-Oder Navigation Channel (1997)

Dipl.Ing. G. Reichel: The Sediment Balance in Impounded River Sections (1992-ongoing)

Dipl.Ing. A. Jawecki: Modelling of Particle Movement in Groundwater (1996)

Numerous oral presentations and lectures in the USA, Canada and many European countries


Inst.f. Wasserwirtschaft, Hydrologie und landwirtsch. Wasserbau, Universität Hannover
D-3000 Hannover 1, BRD.

Prof. E. PLATE
Inst. f. Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaf, Univ. Karlsruhe
D-7500, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Prof. K. HIPEL
Dept. of Systems Design Eng., Univ.of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1 Canada.

Dept. Systems and Ind. Engineering, University of Arizona
Tucson, 85721 Arizona, USA

School of Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Hollister Hall Ithaca, NY 14853.

Prof. G. de MARSILY
Laboratoire geologie appliquee, Universite Paris VI
4, place Jussieu, 75252 Paris, Cedex 05, France.

Director of Water Science Div., UNESCO
7, place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris, France.

Univ. of Bologna, Director Centro IDEA
I-40131 Bologna, Italy.

Water Research Institute, National Research Council
I-00198 Rome, Italy.